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EVAVAX Studio is a creative studio in collaboration with some of the most imaginative visual artists and talents. We help our clients in creating a narration that is effective and innovative; skillfully told through video, digital medium, or across platforms. Our team is made up of visual effects artists, directors and producers from diverse background, working together to bring ideas to life. Our production concept is to combine productivity and creativity. Our goal is “ to create the best Ad out of our limited resources. 


EVAVAX Studio 我們是一個專攻影像製作的團隊,匯集了最頂尖的視覺與創意發想人才。致力於協助我們的客戶用最有效及最創新的方法來說動人的故事,並透過影片、數位媒體或跨平台媒體呈現出來。我們的團隊成員有來自不同專長背景的視覺指導、導演和製片,齊心協力完成各種專案,結合生產力和創造力,目標是以有限的資源創作出最好的廣告。


EVAVAX Studio Reel

EVAVAX Studio Reel

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